Steam System Analysis

Reviewing your Steam Distribution and Condensate Return Systems

The MEI Steam System Analysis (SSA) is a unique service in the industry. The SSA provides the blueprint for optimizing the steam distribution system as well as the condensate return system, identifying all of the key information.

MEI Resources (MEI) will provide a technician to perform the Steam System Analysis (SSA).  The technician will inspect the steam distribution system beginning at the boiler header.  He will walk each distribution line, identifying each issue and application. The SSA will require a plant person who is knowledgeable about the steam system to accompany the technician and participate in an interactive exchange.

The technician will identify trap locations and note where traps are missing or need to be added, and collect load information for proper sizing of the orifice for venturi condensate removal units. Heat tests will be done as needed to get a complete profile and condition of the system. The technician will not test every trap.

Breakdown of Deliverables

Steam System Analysis Report

MEI will provide a Steam System Analysis Report to the client with a list of traps, field notes, sketches, drawings, and pictures where called for, and any other supplemental documentation.  MEI will note each major trap-related issue and provide options and recommended remedy for each issue. These issues could include condensate problems, corrosion, steam supply problems, inconsistent temperatures, poor heat transfer, etc.  The report will identify key benefits and all known measurable outcomes for tracking, including a specific estimate of steam savings, improvements in heat transfer, and any additional benefits.  The technicians will include reviewing specific areas of concern regarding the steam system that the client would like reviewed for recommendations on ways to improve the steam system through improved piping, equipment, condensate return, etc.

Implementation Proposal

Following the SSA, MEI will generate an Implementation Plan Proposal (Proposal). This would be in the form of a specific plan outline identifying all of the components and specifications for implementation of both improvements to the existing system and a permanent venturi condensate removal system.

Services Requirement Agreement

The Proposal will include a Services Requirement Agreement (SRA). This document will list all deliverables, by responsible party, required to qualify the project for the Performance Guarantee.   The SRA will be developed jointly and require mutual consent of both MEI and the client.

Baseline Measurement and Results Monitoring Protocol

MEI, in coordination with the client, will identify all measurable benefits to be included in the Baseline Measurement and Result Measurement Protocol (Protocol).  All timelines and methods of verification will be formulated by agreement and logistically spelled out.

Performance Guarantee

Once the SSA has been completed, the SRA and the Protocol agreed upon by both parties, and a specific estimate of steam savings determined, MEI will guarantee a specific minimum Performance Guarantee.

Product Warranty

MEI provides a year warranty for all of its services.  MEI provides a minimum of a year warranty on all parts used  in the project.