Services & Capabilities

Here's a comprehensive look at our services & capabilities

MEI works with a prospective client through every phase from introduction through full scale implementation of an optimization program. Our presentations demonstrate where the value lies. Our technical assessment and business case development opens the door to their implementation. Our Steam System Analysis covers every concern from the boiler throughout the steam distribution system and back again through the condensate return system. Our deliverables provide valuable information unparalleled in the industry.


Technical Presentation

MEI offers a PowerPoint Technical Presentation in person or via online video technology. This presentation covers all of the questions and issues that come up regarding our services and products….

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Business Case Analysis

MEI has identified the key parameters that come together in industrial steam companies that help make way for a sound business decision when looking at the costs and benefits of …

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Steam System Analysis

The MEI Steam System Analysis (SSA) is a unique service in the industry. The SSA provides the blueprint for optimizing the steam distribution system as well as the condensate return…

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Consulting Services

MEI thrives within the paradigm of whole system designing. As a result, MEI has become a specialist in this area….

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Post Installation Inspection

After a steam system has been optimized, MEI inspects the system. MEI is especially looking to ensure everything has been implemented properly….

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Technical Support

MEI provides free technical phone support for a period of three years after conversion. The client is encouraged to keep in touch with MEI, especially regarding any technical changes which…

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