Roseburg Forest Products

After converting their sawmill at Dillard, Oregon in 2006, Roseburg Forest Products explored the use of Matrix venturis throughout their plywood and particleboard plants. At this time over 40% of their plants have been converted to Matrix venturis. The three Oregon plants were surveyed and major portions have been converted. Roseburg established a policy of no longer using mechanical traps in their plants.

Weed, California

Roseburg Forest Products invited us to solve a classic issue of short-circuiting with their Jet Veneer Dryer at their Weed, California Plant in May, 2006.

All of the drying coils feed a common header to a submerged tank with a level control – a popular configuration. As a result of this short-circuiting they were having sporadic performance. We individually trapped each coil with our venturi and the fluctuating temperatures ceased. With the coils now all hot the dryer performed optimally. Roseburg went on to convert other dryers at all of their plants.

Dillard, Oregon

Longitudinal Veneer Dryer at Dillard, Oregon

Following the success with the Jet Dryer at Weed, Roseburg Forest Products commissioned us in February,  2007 to demonstrate a performance protocol on their large Longitudinal Dryer at Dillard, Oregon. The resulting improvements in day to day operation was and continues to be in the 8% – 10% range for faster drying of veneer. As a result, Roseburg has begun converting other longitudinal dryers at their plants.

Missoula, Montana

Particleboard Plant at Missoula, Montana

Roseburg Forest Products converted their Particleboard Plant at Missoula, Montana to Matrix venturis in February, 2010. The conversion included individually trapping each platen on the press and all of the distribution drip legs and hoiler header traps. The results were favorable and contributed to their success in implementing CARB compliant resins.