MEI venturis are successfully used on reactors in a number of plants in the US and Canada.

Qualifying the Application and Sizing the Orifice of a Venturi for Optimal Performance of a Reactor

Several factors are taken into consideration when qualifying and sizing a HX for conversion to venturis:

  • MEI looks at the basic design of the reactor.
  • What is the rated capacity of the reactor when that data is available (manufacturer specs)?
  • What is the starting product temperature, ending product temperature, and amount of time required to achieve that result? What is the specific gravity and heat of product.
  • MEI requires  the steam pressure, information on how the reactor is regulated. MEI requires a drip leg present before control.
  • MEI evaluates how the condensate is currently handled. Is there lift in the return or is the condensate gravity fed to receiver? What is the condensate receiver back pressure? What is the lift to the condensate return in feet or meters?