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How we serve the Pulp and Paper Industry

MEI has developed specialized expertise in optimizing Pulp Dryers



Pulp Dryer Optimization

Pulp and Paper Mills are the third largest users of industrial steam in the world after Oil & Gas and Chemicals.

Pulp Mills are a big user of steam. One of the key processes using steam is the pulp dryer. MEI offers unique expertise in optimizing pulp dryers.

Pulp Dryers utilizing Steam Air Heater Coils are a candidate for a unique MEI Optimization Service.

Depending on the results of an MEI Assessment of the pulp mill, MEI estimates that it can increase capacity in pulp production by 4%-5%, while maintaining or improving target moisture content.

An additional benefit in efficiency is available as well. MEI may be able to eliminate your vent coming off the pulp dryer.

MEI recommends a whole system approach. This includes an assessment of the steam system from boiler and steam distribution through to the process and back through the return. All aspects are taken in consideration.