Press – Plywood and Particleboard

Plywood and Particleboard Presses

Our venturis have been used on presses with great success in the US. This includes for both plywood and particleboard.

Qualifying the Application and Sizing the Orifice of a Venturi for Optimal Performance of a Plywood or Particleboard Press

Several factors are taken into consideration when qualifying and sizing a press for conversion to venturis:

  • What is the rated maximum and running load of the press? (manufacturer specs)
  • What is the surface area and thickness of the platen?
  • What are the number of outlets per platen?

MEI recommends Individually trapping each outlet on each platen. For particleboard press this may require important customization.

MEI needs the steam pressure, clarity around how the press is regulated, and insists in a drip leg before the control and at the end of line. MEI notes how the condensate is returned – gravity fed to a vented receiver or closed receiver at what back pressure. There should be no lift in the return.