Plywood & Particleboard

How we serve the Plywood & Particleboard Industry

Matrix Northwest is the parent company of MEI Resources.

Once Matrix made its mark with sawmills in the Pacific Northwest, it was a natural transition to work with their sister plants producing plywood and particleboard

Overview of Plywood & Particleboard

The MEIventuri is a natural fit with plywood presses, because once you have invested so much time and resources into producing dry veneer, you want to make sure you don’t waste it on substandard pressing.

Plywood Presses

The technological upgrade MEI brings to presses is individually trapping each platen to eliminate short-circuiting which produces sluggish performance and cold platens. Once again we optimize the press for more consistent heat transfer resulting in greater reliability in production and potentially increased speed. Because MEIventuris are so low maintenance and nearly permanent it pays to put one on each platen. MEIcan work with you to come up with the optimal implementation.

Veneer Dryers

The other great application for MEI venturis is with the dryers. Here the main benefit is higher temps and therefore faster drying. In carefully developed test protocols MEI venturis optimally sized on a longitudinal or jet dryer can achieve 5-10% improvement in productivity. This result can have strategic value when considering how best to utilize your limited real estate in the plywood business.

Particleboard Presses

Finally, It was only a matter of time before a particleboard plant was converted to MEI venturis. With similar selling point and results to the smaller plywood presses, here the commitment to such a conversion is a major one. Considerations for whether to switch from barco joints to flex hoses, whether to retire the troublesome thermocompressors, taking on the structural issues with multiple outlets needing to be individually trapped on each platen. MEI has waded through all of these issues and is prepared to work through them all with you.

More Field Examples

West Fraser - Williams Lake

West Fraser Williams Lake converted all three of their veneer dryers to MEI venturis beginning in January, 2011 with their first dryer, February, 2011 with their second dryer, and March, 2011 with their third dryer.

West Fraser is happy with the performance of the dryers today.

MEI venturis will increase drying performance between 4% and 10%. MEI will work with clients to set up a protocol to measure a baseline before conversion and compare the results after the conversion.

Boise Cascade

Having successfully converted several of their sawmills to venturis, Boise Cascade began converting parts of their plywood plants at Kettle Falls, Washington and Elgin, Oregon.

Boise Kettle Falls converted their presses in November, 2006. Once their distribution drip legs were converted these presses have performed well.

Boise Elgin converted a small dryer in February 2006 and one of their presses in March, 2010.

Pacific Wood Laminates - Brookings, Oregon

Pacific Wood Laminates converted one of their veneer dryers in November, 2011. The resulting boost in performance was around 4%.