Wood Drying Kilns

MEI venturis are being utilized in sawmills in the US and Canada with great success.

Kilns are considered an application with widely varying loads. During a single charge a kiln may vary to load from 20KPPH down to 2KPPH over long periods of time. Because these variations are provided by systems of modulating controls, they qualify easily for our venturi technology.

Typical performance in these kilns ranges from 5-10% reduction in charge time while maintaining or improving grade recovery. In periods where market conditions are brisk this translates into significant productivity during slow times this translates into efficiency.

Ganged Coils

While it is a common ‘cost-saving’ practice for coils to be ganged in kilns, all of our kilns projects include splitting the coils so they can be individually trapped. This is done to prevent short-circuiting (Refer to the topic Short-Circuiting provided under Technology). As a result our kilns provide optimally consistent drying. Because our venturis are continuous (not pulsing like mechanical traps) the coils in our conversions provide optimal heat transfer. And of course this is even more so because we also convert the drip legs in the steam supply.