Steam Applications

Qualify your Applications for MEI Venturis

MEI has implemented venturi technology successfully in a broad range of steam applications. Beginning in 2003 with a breakthrough with sawmills in the Pacific Northwest, MEI’s success has resulted in the total conversion of scores of plants. MEI continues to build on this success in a broad range of other industrial sectors.

The Importance of Converting the Whole Plant

Experience has taught MEI that the best results occur when a steam system is completely converted to venturis.  By converting the whole plant, all of the energies, temperatures and pressures are in balance  probably for the first time.  By doing that, the system displays uniform heat, system stability and overall gains in system performance. Using the conversion process as a foundation, savings on various parameters are increased and compounded.

For more about this refer to the Topic titled Full Plant versus Partial Conversions under Technical Topics at Technology: Technical Discussions.